Monday, August 18, 2008

What would you do...


A person asked me this question yesterday.
"What would you do if your paycheck was taken care of?"

"I replied I would travel and click photos and show to the world.Show them the things that people generally do not get to see.

It was just another way of asking, whether I was doing what I was passionate about.

And then he asked me, "So do you see yourself retiring as a photographer".
To which I replied "Yes".


~mE said...

Surprisingly today i was discussing this with a friend..:) the very thought of it got a BIG Smile of my rather grumpy face:D I am sure i felt one on his as

I would go back to university again and probably do theatre, painting, dance or something like that.

Vinod said...

May your paycheck be taken care of and may we get to see the world through your eyes...


I am said...

Except for the last line about WHAT I WOULD RETIRE as, rest all the words felt like hearing ME :)

AND the shot is just BRILLIANT loved the colors....

Kshitiz Anand said...

:) Thanks Sharanya for that comment.
Interesting things you have in your list

Amen, Vinod. Thanks for dropping by.

Thanks Tanu.