Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Mountain Love...

The Himalayas

It is said that if you fall in love with the mountains, it keeps calling you back again and again.

My love for the Himalayas, started way back in 1987, when I went to study in a boarding school in the hills of Darjeeling. The stupendous view of the Mountains was what we woke up with on any clear morning.

Everyday I would wish to reach there. Everyday I would wish to be on the top of it.

A couple of months ago my flight was going over the Himalayas. I was asleep until then, but somehow I woke up when the plane was above this.

It was as if the mountains had woken me up, to fulfill my childhood wish.
I perhaps would go again over this at sometime... but the first time is always special.


~ ॐ ~ said...

This is a beautiful picture... and words to go with it !!!

I agree with the mountains calling you back theory !!!

it happens... I have been getting my calls from them for so long now, its getting increasingly difficult to ignore !!!

I am said...

Waooo lovely.

And yah, the mountains DO call back..

Strange but never understood whats the connection!