Thursday, August 7, 2008



If there is one thing in the world that I care about the most, it is child education.

While on one hand I consider myself fortunate to get a good education, I feel deep pain on the other when I go out to shoot on the streets and see children wanting to study, but not fortunate enough.

Of late I have been thinking a lot about education. It sets me nostalgic and I was remembering how I started off with mine. A short description is on my blog.

Hopefully someday I too will be able to do something for the education of these kids.

This shot was taken in my India trip in May 2008.


I am said...

after going through all the shots you have on your blog am sure you will do it.

May be you are already doing something with your clicking...

We have a golgappee wala near our house in Cal. Last time when I went back home and for my usual gol gappa times, I found the seller, quite distracted after every serving. He was looking somewhere behind us and possibly talking to someone with his eyes..after I got done with my share of Gol gappa's I asked him what was he looking behind me for...fortunately I also turned as he looked behind me, and I saw a small boy, peeping out from the stars behind with a slate, with 'J' written on it, and smiling..

I was in a state of shock when I saw it..I could not look into the Gol Gappae wala's eyes..!! it was just painful yet optimistic and happy to see shine and the smile in the kids and the fathers eyes

THIS IS the most real experience I have HAD till now with children seeking education and poverty!!! you post just brought that whole incident alive...

Kshitiz Anand said...

Thanks "I am". (Sorry I do not know your name, please enlighten me).
Thanks for that wonderful comment and the motivation. There are already a few things indeed but need to concretize a lot more.

That's a beautiful story, full of real life expereince that you will indeed cherish for a long time.