Thursday, August 14, 2008


Independence is Sweet

Independence signifies the start of a new era. Starting out fresh and venturing out into unknown territories at times.

Today I made a new dish.
It has the softness of a Gulab Jamun on the exteriors and the yumminess of a Ras Malai rosogolla in the interiors.

I call it the Gulabo-Ras-Jamun-Malai :)

Come to my house, I will treat you to some.

Happy Independence Day to all.


~ ॐ ~ said...

get lost !!!!!

I am said...

ha ha ha ha THANKS a lot for this post...two reasons

1. I wanted to know the brand of GJ mix that I had to pick up or ask somebody to pick up BUT was not sure !!

2. somebody is really upset with what you have to offer here,

The words tell it should be something really yummy, although am not a sweet fan BUT sound interesting cocktail :)