Thursday, March 6, 2008

What do I do ?

What do i do

One of the worst thoughts in the world is knowing that you are being neglected by a person you care for.
The thought just kills you. Every time you think of interacting with the person, the thought that he/she might not read or interact with you in the first place, horrifies you.
You think you should drop a msg to say you care, but the other person might not even care to look at it.
This then sends you into a negative frame of mind. Things around you start looking weird. Then there is this whole pessimism that sets in.
Its then that the mind starts playing games with you. The heart will try to convince you to forget it, its not a big thing...After all there are many more people in the world you can care for.. Many more that would appreciate what you do for them...

So who do you listen to .. the mind or the heart... and again these turmoils start....
and it goes on .. and on .. and you just want to get it out of your mind... and you wait relentlessly for any of the two possibilities... either you motivate yourself to forget and move on.. or you wait desperately for the things to set back to as it was...

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