Sunday, March 30, 2008

Divine Spaces

Divine Light

This was the meditation room at the Buddhist Monastery here in Bloomington.
The ambiance does indeed play a huge role in these religious places.

I just love it whenever I visit any religious place. The feeling is bliss. I spend some time there and let go of the things of the world. Just try to make the connection with the almighty... or perhaps just try to listen to the voice of one's own soul.

One thing that I have tried a lot and failed miserably at is trying to keep the mind free of thought. All meditations lead to this state, but for me it appears to be just impossible.


Anjuli said...


its so damn lovely!

Agree with u, every time I go to Siddhivinayak, I cry dunno why....even when I shout on the top of my voice these days that I don't believe in God anymore....

and I know I need Him so badly right now, I wish I could go here right away.....

kya dikha diya yaar!

Kshitiz Anand said...

Hey thanks Anjuli.. welcome to my blog.