Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Remembering God in times ....

One for each | Pottery Town, Bangalore

Everytime I fail.. I remember god...(Its not that I do not when I succeed).
And they give me more strength.. they make me more strong..
Every failures are the pillars of my future success...

As designers, one of the things we are taught is to fail. You learn from every failure.
Every time a big company rejects my application, I say to myself.. its their loss! I was overqualified for them! I know thats a strong attitude to take... but it helps me stay focused. I cannot sit and repent for not getting through that company!

It makes me desire to not work for the big companies all the more strong. Hopefully someday soon I will have my own company. Thats one thing in which I definitely need the divine help a lot.

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