Sunday, September 7, 2008

Whatever works...

evil spirits

Read a news article today that, people back home are praying to the River Kosi, the same river that caused the destruction with its floods, to stop showing its anger and bring peace to life and that they have got enough punishments for their sins.

At times I find it ironical.
At times I find it just being helpless.

People are now dying due to the spreading epidemics of the diahorrea and there are other diseases like Kalajar and Malaria that are just waiting on the doorsteps to make its presence felt.

In such times, one just hopes that any prayer helps.
Just hoping that any superstition would work.

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I am said...

The amalgamation of the shot and title is just perfect..I really smiled..

Wish life just worked on prayers! I, rather everybody would have taken permanent residentship in all those 1000 temples in our country!

I know a group that's collecting funds and donation to assist the flood victims. Incase you think you will be able to help them in someway will forward the email to you...