Monday, September 22, 2008

The love...

The wedding vow...

If someone is capable of loving his partner without any restriction,unconditionally,then he is manifesting the love of god...

It's an extract from a book "The Zahir".

Read this from my sister's status message on gchat.
I liked it.

That book is my next read.


I am said...

huh.!!..when was love conditional????

partner ho ki unpartner ho ??

**everybody is posting about love, mai bhi karti hoon :) ***

Kshitiz Anand said...

wahi toh should not be conditional! But i know a lot of people who do otherwise.

Everyone posting about love... hmm interesting observatin! :)

~mE said...

All Love come with "restriction, expectation and loads of condition" So according to me unconditional love does not exist or if it does its onlonly to show off :)

Believe me its Truthfully truely true :)

Anonymous said...


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