Sunday, September 28, 2008

Jobs Jobs Jobs

Rising Prices

A few times I think about the job that I want to do after I graduate.
I think I will be most happy doing somethings that I love, but I know that practically it might not be feasible till a few more years.

Recently I watched the movie, Welcome to Sajjanpur.
For a moment I felt like leaving everything and returning to my village and doing farming and spending a peaceful life.

The question is , will that be peaceful? Or has the definition of peaceful changed for the lives that we have been living and will be living.


I am said...

:) can't agree less to your post.. am just waiting to get a job, then quit to go back to sajjanpur like places!

heard the movie is good, have to watch it..

nice capture, that's the closest we can get of street life here in the US !! Don't you think so?

Kshitiz Anand said...

:) yes indeed!

yeah .. its a pretty decent movie.. Nothing big .. no hi funda ... just plain and simple. Hence I liked it.

Ya .. this was in the farmers market. Was pretty nice atmosphere there!