Sunday, August 9, 2009

Tapping into the lifestyle ...

Tap into the potential...

In order to make life easier for my grandma, my uncle had this tap system installed in the village home. But when he moved out of there to the town, the system stopped working and no one really reinstalled it.

The people in the village too did not really find a use for it. I wonder if it was an intrusion into their lifestyle and trying to introduce something new in the first place which they did not like.

Should life in the villages be left in its pristine beauty, or should there be a scope for introducing things that apparently make like easier (atleast that's what we in the towns think so) ?


~mE said...

lol i dont know. Change is something thats not comfortable to anyone. Even in my village dad got a pump set so that grandmom need not draw water from well. But she wouldn't use the water in the tank. Every morning she would go to well to get water.
Even today though my grandmom is not alive..that well and that pully is just as is. When we go we draw water from the well using a pully :)

My view is if someone is comfortable doing something in a particular way ... why sweat to change it. Let them be :)

Kshitiz Anand said...

Hmm Sharanya...Thanks for your comment. That's exactly the same thoughts that has had me wondering often these days. And then your comment on the other post the other day compelled me to think further on this.

Iya said...

arrey we don't need to go to Grand Mom's era also. My cute Mom refuses to use the dishwasher at my place. She says - 1) It used way too much power 2) It uses way too much water and 3) Time !!

She loves seeing my reaction when I scold her for washing utensils by hand. First I used to get very angry. Now I let her do it.

I am learning a lot about excercising restraint in this area these days