Tuesday, March 31, 2009

And so March comes to an end

How do you support it?

..ending with this thought.

How do you support child or girl child education in India?

Lemme know your thoughts.

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~mE said...

These days people are getting more aware of their social responsibility and many of them feel that it ends with collecting some money and giving it to an NGO. Being a part of CSR in the organisation i work i get to interact with many NGO's and most of them tell me money is not at all a problem these days....there are many corporates/NRI's who want to fund.

What they need NOW is people to work for them, to spend time with people affected and people who are passionately involved for the cause.

and we are forever stuck up on HOW TO PAY BILLS. We never venture to do anything other than giving money or collecting money using our resources. We are not doing justice and we should be shameful of such activities