Monday, March 9, 2009


3 ~ Glimpses of Fall

Sitting in my room alone
Wrapped warmly in a quilt
Cold wind blowing outside my window
Feeling not a pang of guilt
For needing solitude

There is a certain feel of comfort
With a loved one so close by
But that feeling is not near enough
When unable to see eye to eye
And needing solitude

Our dreams were quickly shattered
Hopes of a future are no more
Time we spent mere memories
Grieving felt to the very core
And needing solitude

Solitude for peace of mind
Time alone to heal
We lost so much in so little time
But our friendship remains strong & real
Now & in our solitude.

By-Rebecca Parker.

Just feeling in this mood due to some events in the recent few days.
Hope to be fine soon.


~mE said...

actually i like the mood k...:) Nothing wrong being in this mood i think :)
and that a lovely lovely picture ..i wont ask for a hi-res as i didnt get the last one i asked :)

Mimosa Pudica said...

Have been following your blog for a while now. Very beautiful pictures and equally beautiful words :)

Solitude is a bliss sometimes!

I am said...

lovely pic am in same shoes over past few days :( !!

same pinch :)

~ ॐ ~ said...

bhaiyye kahe aise pheel kar rahe ho?

Iya said...

hmm.. I think it is the People are Weird syndrome. Let it go... breathe afresh.. some people are not worth all this time and effort.

Kshitiz Anand said...

Hmm .. depends S .. sometimes i like it .. sometimes I don't .. the sad part is that this time I am in that mood for a fault of mine own, so ideally I should not be, but it just happens at times. Will be fine soon!

Thanks for that flattering comments Mimosa. Glad that you like the pictures and the thoughts with it.
Do keep visiting!

:) Same pinch .. hehe! Thanks Tanu!

Om...Bas yaar.. kabhi kabhi ho jaata hai !! Will be fine.. just need to press the reset button.

:) I guess so too Iya! Will be over soon.. I see it over already actually!