Friday, February 27, 2009

Identifying a place

Butter Rock, Mammalapuram

Isn't it amazing how one small thing about a place lingers in your mind for long.
Whenever someone talks about Mahabalipuram, I am reminded of this Butter Rock.

And guess what...
The goat is present there most of the times!

And I remember the goat too !


I am said...

makkhaan pathaar and bakkllii :))

so chweet :)

yeh khaaan pal hai ?

Sharanya said...

you got to go there this time ?

Jagriti said...

i like the composition...just wish the clouds were more prominent...the pic would have been amazing then...

Kshitiz Anand said...

Heehe .. yaa,, tanu .. it is called Butter rock.. A total worth visit when u go to Mahabalipuram!

Thanks Sharanya.. nahi .. this was a few years back.. i was just remembering the places I had traveled to .. hence this post!

Thanks Jagriti! :) Agree to your points! Next time when i go there.. will work on it! :)