Sunday, February 22, 2009


Through the Window | Streets of Kolkata

There are two ways to see through a window.
One from the inside and feel hopeful about the the world outside, and optimistic.
One from the outside into the window and feel claustrophobic and pessimistic.

Which one do you feel?


Iya said...

There is tooo much red in the pic.. :(

I love the words though.. I love looking out of the windows .. peeking into the windows is a bad habit :P

RAWNIE said...

i'd opt for the 1st option!...and i agree with iya...kuch zyada hi laaal laal lag raha hain!

Jagriti said...

beautiful does not matter which side of the window u r on...what matters is the way u think...stirring thought!

Kshitiz Anand said...

Iya, Rawnie, agree.. too much red.. Was the street light. and then hand held for a long exposure.. on a red bus... so it resulted in that exxxtra bit of red.

Thanks Jagriti! :) Nice point!