Sunday, January 11, 2009

For a change...

For a change .... are a few things you might not know about me. If you do know them and want to know more, let me know.. i will send you a separate list :D

1) I will always let you decide what to eat at a restaurant... Bad at selecting stuff from the menus... I usually am fine with anything as long as it is edible.

2) I love to walk bare foot on the beach for a long walk and staring at the horizon (myself). The lesser people on a beach, the better.

3) I am not a branded clothes person :D ... I believe in sasta sundar tikaau (cheap, and live by it). My motto of shopping.. Anything cheap but should be decent quality :). I love Sales !

4) I love Window Shopping! Hence I am a good company when people go out for shopping! :)

5) I do not check my emails or attend office calls when at home in India. In fact if there is no electricity I feel glad that I can enjoy the company of people and talk to them and not get glued to the Television or computer!

6) I have been wanting to learn Spanish for the past three years.. Mostly to explore South America and appreciate Latin beauty.. but have stopped for some reason every time I started to do so.

7) I make perfectly round inflated pooris and soft and tender gulaab jamuns :P ... Oh and did I say I could eat gulab jamuns by the kilogram! :D

8) I am a spiritual person and think that the greatest teacher is "life". I like Buddhism. My dad was shocked when he read the title of the book I was reading .. it read "The Tibetan book of Living and Dying".

9) I smile everyday... no matter what and try to spread the smile and especially with strangers whom I don't know or perhaps will not meet.Once a classmate wtih whom I was talking after a long time, said that the only thing she remembered from my school days was my smile! I was on cloud nine. :)

10) I love to chat / im. Though, I am a quiet person and a listener when in company. I used to spend nights in the college labs, talking to strangers sitting in some remote corner of the chat room somewhere in the world. (at times it also happened to be in the same lab and we could get to know after talking for hours :P)

11) I love adventure sports. I have done water rafting without knowing swimming, rock climbing and rappling inspite of falling from rocks, sky diving inspite of knowing that its a binary state that one is landing into, etc. Would love to try out a few more things for sure!

12) I have met SRK when I was a kid face to face, but he was an unheard name and the movie that he was shooting for (at my school) at that time was called "Aasmaan se Uncha".. which went on to become "Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman." Wish I had taken his autograph then!

13) My first journey on a flight was an International flight and I was scared of things around me in the flight and at airports! So I did not talk to any one...

14) I love Indian railways to the core! The stations , the chai wallahs and other vendors, the people in the trains, people on the station, the unknown strangers. It has an amazing experience associated with it. I have literally traveled in all kind of trains, all classes, with tickets, without tickets, with reservations, without reservations, on seats, in the passages, slept on the floor, have my pocket cut once, (but no money lost), seen a person's suitcase being stolen, I somehow have this feeling that I will meet the love of my life on a train. I actually met someone once but thats a different story about which I will write in my blog some other day .. hoping that she will read it ! And the irony of the situation is that in my eleven years in Darjeeling, I never set foot on the Himalayan Mountain Railways there :)

15) I am the only non medical related person in my family. The list of careers that i have thought about has changed from doctor to IAS officer to Computer Engineer to Graphics Designer to Photographer to Interaction Designer to ....... (perhaps a film maker).

16) I always think that I will be famous someday!


I am said...

this is list badhiyaa, send it to your mom, so that she can fwd it to 'YOU KNOW WHOM'S' :), :D

Kshitiz Anand said...

Hehehe !! Pakka se Tanu!

iya said...

hehehe Fabindia is quite branded btw.. i love those kurtas though !!

"In fact if there is no electricity I feel glad that I can enjoy the company of people and talk to them and not get glued to the Television or computer!" on that note , My dad was very unhappy when inverters became commercial. He said , "there was one chance when you get the family together and play games that do not need light. like Antakshri and ab woh bhi nahi raha." I have spent many nights playing country and songs antakshri when there was no electricity. Definitely miss those days.

Kshitiz Anand said...

:) Thanks Shivi!