Friday, December 19, 2008

To Indian Cricket...

For the Love of..

I know there are hard times..
I know there are failures..
I know that the audience is caught up with the Twenty Twenty Buzz...
I know that Mahendra Singh Dhoni rocks (both cause he was from my school and is a great leader)
I know that Sachin was a God, Is a God and will be a God forever..
I know that the rest of the world is looking up to us now...

I know that I will be there .. through joy and sorrow...
I know I will still stay up late in nights to watch you perform, even if you suck at it and lose the match.
I know I will clap and clap and shout, sitting in any corner of the world, in the hope that my words will reach your ears.

And I know I will shed a tear of joy, every time you win, like I did when you won at Chennai.

- a true fan.

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I am said...

you are :)
I gave up every time India lost before 20 20 !!