Tuesday, December 16, 2008



...should never stop.
Even if it means walking when there is no vehicle to carry one around..
Even if the destination is too far and out of sight.


ChAsMeBadDoOr said...

LONG WAY TO GO!!! nice post

RAWNIE said...

oh this ones lovely bhaiyya!!! :)

I am said...

haan bhai..awesome..

RUKNEE ka nahi :) manzil to samnee hi hota hai.. bus thoda chasma saaf karlo regularly..

~mE said...

Once is a while i think it good to take a break, maybe to sip water from the flowing stream...to stare at the mountain, when you sight a rare bird...enjoy the surroundings :D

Kshitiz Anand said...

:) Thanks Arpita
Thanks Ron!
Thanks Tanu.. abhi toh shuruaat kiya hoon journey .. thoda chalna zaroori hai !
:) Very well said Sharanya.. That is indeed required! :)