Thursday, April 10, 2008



...when the process of life begins...
the soul is protected in the womb for months..

as the years progress.. we grow..
we spread out wings..
we reach out for things..
we start to reap.. we start to sow..

however, at all times,
we seek the protection.
initially its from parents..
then comes your friends....
the close ones..
and then the not so close ones
at times it could be a distant person..
you have not met...

in the end, there would be an almighty...
the sole protector,
always present,
but you look to them only when all the above have given up on you...

in the end the matter of fact is..
we all need the protection.

Protection leads to the reduction of fear,
makes the impossible seems possible.

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I am said...

that's why protection is equivalent to security :)