Sunday, April 13, 2008

Distributing Smiles


One thing about flowers that I really love is that they always seem to be smiling.
Thus I feel every-time one is sharing flowers, they are indirectly sharing smiles.

How wonderful would it be, if people just distributed smiles to everybody.
The beauty in nature consistently inspires me to smile... and all my world of problems seems ephemeral and unwanted.

Today I saw a scene in which there was a barren tree and just beside it there was a tree fully laden with Magnolia flowers. The barren tree definitely was the current state and the flowered tree was definitely a sign if the things to come.

The joy of life truly lies in these simple things and these thoughts when it comes to my mind, I just smile.
So please smile .. and distribute the smile.


Sharanya said...

i've heard smile is contagious. Be it nature, be it a lil child, be it anyone..when one smiles the other smiles too

Kshitiz Anand said...

Yes it is :)
Keep smiling!

I am said...

there are lot of healthy reason to smile, so keep it on and you are passing it ON, as well.. :)

keep smiling..