Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Doing things you love...

The worker...

Don't you miss the things you loved doing some time?
What is stopping you from doing it today ?

Don't you remember being happy in what you did?
What is making you sad today ?

Why let the circumstances come in your way of happiness?
Why not let it just take care of the sadness?

Remembering the portrait days.
will be back so shooting portraits soon.

1 comment:

~Me said...

Yes and a No
yes because i am too old now to go make boats in the rain :D
No maybe because i have just learnt to enjoy rains sitting in the balcony :)

childhood was the happiest moment
oh july 2nd just reminds me that im getting a year older :D

happiness sadness is jsut a state of mind....and its all part of life :)) so just let it be

Awesome...cant wait to see ur new pic