Friday, June 8, 2007

Should I ?

June 8th, Studio Desk
Should I?

Many a times while shooting one comes across a situation where you want to shoot a subject... but the subject may not be willing.. what do u do in such a case.... take a tele- lens and just shoot or don't shoot at all .. appreciating the person's privacy and move on..
Some of my friends insist on having a Tele lens for this purpose of wanting to click such subjects.
I however try not to click such subjects. As I personally believe that no photograph can be worth it if the subject is not too comfortable about it.

As someone rightly said.. The mind composes the photograph..the eye takes the photograph and the camera just captures it.
Some photographs are best left in the mind!

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~Me said...

well i am shit scared of taking pictures of people. I am scared about them chasing me for clicking hand shakes and so the picture goes bad.
I agree with u..if the subject is not comfy then u shouldnt click...but hey will they know you are clicking them first of all...and secondly you would need to answer to all their questions..where why what how's..its too much of a pain...:)