Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Reflection in Solitude..

June 12th, Studio Desk
Reflection in solitude

...only in times of solitude .. we reflect the most..
...only in times of solitude we missed the loved ones the most..

What is solitude...?
When does one feel lonely?

Is being lonely same as being in Solitude?
Are we ever alone?


~Me said...

Solitude is defined as : -
A state of being alone, or withdrawn from society; a lonely life; loneliness.
If we take the literal meaning Yes!! Solitude is being lonely. Its a state of mind...which depends on situations. There are times when u enjoy the solitude there are times when its killing you. If you are in hills and u just lose yourself with the beauty of nature and you are enjoying the solitude, But if you are in ur room on the bed restless, sleep is 10 miles away...its a disturbing solitude..You dont ever want to be in that situation

mmm i guess im just rambling like always :)

Anonymous said...


This is something i've missed while browsing through your gallery.... Looks fab.

Very nicely taken indeed.