Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Should I...

May 15th , Studio Desk
Should I ...

Should I click them or not?
This kid was very reluctant to get clicked by me. So i literally had to play hide and seek with him; with he hiding behind his mother and waiting to see if I had left or not.
For the first time i had my subject who cried at seeing my camera and then I realized it does look scary.. especially to people who have never seen it. This kid started crying the moment i put the camera near my face to click. I was disturbed by this and decided not to click.
Just shot this shot without actually looking through the view finder.. I was smiling at the kid.. hoping that he would be kind enough to pose for a couple of shot.... or perhaps just oblige me with a smile before i leave there.
I just don't like to see these kids cry.

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