Thursday, May 31, 2007

...and then i cried.

May 31st, Studio Desk
...and then i cried.

Many a times... there are faces that refuse to go away from your mental imagery. This lady's was perhaps one of them. It haunts you every time you look at them. Each element makes you question yourself. The luxury that one desires for in life fizzles out in a second and the very next moment you are made to realize of the truth. The truth that there are many like these who are helpless.. and find it difficult to even collect enough for two meals a day. The irony is that most of these are found near temples. Often one wonders whether its the faith in the almighty that keeps them going. The belief that their days will perhaps improve someday. There would be one generous person coming out of the temple who would take care of them or who would feed them and relieve them of their miseries.

On my way up the Shivagange trek, at the very onset of the journey there was this beggar who asked for money. My friends gave her some so i did not give. I moved on after clicking this shot. Returned after three hours. To find the lady again there.
This time i did not shoot as the light was really harsh. But instead of focusing through my eye of the camera as the last time .. i focussed through my own.
My mind was running with thoughts and so many things.. and before i could realize.. i sensed that my cheeks were wet.

Yes... and then i cried and moved on.

End of May. I start a last month in Bangalore.
Its been a good 2 years almost since I came here.

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