Monday, February 15, 2010

Periodical Cleanup

Silver Cleaning

From time to time everything requires a periodical cleanup. This not only brings out the long lost shine, but also opens up newer avenues, which would have otherwise remained buried in the dirt.

I think it's time for one such periodical cleanup of the mess in life :)


~mE said...

clean up, detox, running away, hiding has all become a fashion statement :) It just makes you look cooler no :D

Kshitiz Anand said...

Hehe ! well .. depends on what way you do the cleanup. Imagine going to the Himalayas to do your soul cleansing...yes that could be a fashion statement.

But trying to sort things out without running away from what's there at hand is challenging.

Cool or Hot i do not know.. All I know is its good!

Rhapsody said...

Yeah..I call it System Maintenance time and do it every few months.
Defrag life.
Run a mental cleanup.
Run an anti-virus in life.
Clear history, temporary files, cache and cookies from life.
and I delete Corrupt files & software(s), junk & unused folders.

but yeah, it is easier said than done.