Monday, November 2, 2009

Of friends and beaches

Of Beaches and Friends

I could literally spend hours on the beach with my friends.

Sometimes I can do it alone too.

I was away to NIT Surathkal this weekend for one of my photography workshops, and guess what, this college has its own private beach! How cool is that! Wonderful I must say!


Rhapsody said...

wow!college hain holiday resort..hehehe

lovely photograph.beautifully composed :)

Anonymous said...

luvly silhouette shot!

~mE said...

Nice, my brother studied there :)
and did u go to the ganesha temple by the beach..i love it

Kcalpesh said...

Sounds so inviting! A collge with a private beach! Worth an admission! If not for studies, then a vacation everyday. I wish such was a case of our colleges here in mumbai... :-D

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Ashwin said...

awesome one.!

Yeah NITK beach is really good place to hang out..

infact.. the whole belt of costal Udupi/Mangalore has exotic beaches..