Saturday, September 12, 2009

What is Faith?

What is faith?
I ask myself the question every time I go out on the streets to do photography.

The simplest of actions by people makes you believe that people are it is something beyond the explainable.

There was a necklace which had a locket that seemed holy, lying on the ground, someone picked it up and placed it on the pillar.

This was not even a temple. Just a painting on the wall. This becomes the temple. The area surrounding it is sacred now. To the extent that people go there without slippers, a mark to show respect. The pillars adorn by the colors of the gods. Elements to signify that there is a holy space that you are entering.

No one dares to touch it. The necklace remains for days... The rains to not dislocate it either. Nature takes force. A force that could reduce us to the basics. The ashes to ashes.. the dust to the dust.

The faith remains.
One day someone else will find that the necklace is rusted. The walls dirty. Will convince the neighbors to pitch in. Or take up the responsibility himself.

The space is revamped.
The faith is re-established.

And the cycle continues.


Iya said...

Hmm nice.. yeah faith has its forms. Some need a place to go to , to affirm their faith and some believe in faith in people and their behaviours and actions.

Jagriti said...

i knwo what you mean...i feel people in india either have too much of faith or too little..

the photograph is too good..i loved the dof and the composition..

Kshitiz Anand said...

Thanks Iya! Yes indeed... faith does come in various forms.

Thanks Jagriti. Glad you liked the pic. Agree to that thought on faith. It is so true.