Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Taste of India - doublly delicious

And this is what they make..

Amul - the taste of India; when topped on the original tastes of India becomes doubly delicious!
I am loving it! :)


Rhapsody said...

Oh man! This looks so yum!

And I'm a die-hard parantha fan :)

Kshitiz Anand said...

Hehe ! :)
Gaddi nikalo .. aur nikal jaao Delhi Agra Highway par !
Aur dhaabe par parathhe ki maze lo ! :)

Jagriti said...

heck..! this is the last thing I wanted to see while working and with no access to food!!

sure looks very tempting !:)

Kshitiz Anand said...

Hehe .. Jagriti ki naa.. ghar jaake banake khaa lena ! :)