Monday, October 6, 2008

It made me smile...

The Other Side

...these are the things that made me smile today.

An old look of me (as shown in the pic).
A complimentary comment from a professor.
A mail to conduct a workshop on Photography.
A lot of readings, to give the feeling of studying.
A small photo-shoot of the fall colors.
Listening to some old songs from Lata, Mukesh, Rafi and Kishore.

What about you?


~mE said...


you wont believe..but i wrote something similar in my words blog. Nothing as specific as yours but something similar..:)

for me the Morning sunlight, a good morning, birds, Coffee, My TO DO list with no carry overs...and so on..:)

I am said...

aiillaaaaa..200volt !!

do u have a black umbrella, please keep it infront of you when u smile..humaarii aank bandh ho jati hai ..etnii chamkahaat se.. looks like i have load of snaps to catch up with here !!