Saturday, July 19, 2008

A friend .. named Solitude..

In Solitude

In solitude I remain
With absolutely nothing to gain
Perhaps in time I will be strong
You see! Solitude is not my favourite song

A solitary place
Is not where I belong
Read my lips and trace the lines on my face
You see! Solitude is not my favourite song

But social isolation
Combined with social manipulation
Places me once again in solitude
You see! Solitude is not my preferred attitude

This isn’t a journey of spiritual enlightenment
As some people might say to my resentment
But in great loneliness of this magnitude
I must find some self awareness in solitude

I must find strength and pretend
That everyone around me is my friend
To put this state of scale of elevation to an end
I must pretend, I must pretend
That even Solitude is my friend

Poem Copyright 2007 - Sylvia Chidi


Sharanya said...

K...when i started to read this like isko kya huwa...:D
Now when i know that its not written by little at peace..:))

mereko kuch bi samaj may nai aya..but thats a lovely picture

Kshitiz Anand said...

:) thanks..
But i liked the poem .. and connected it with pretty well..

Samajh mei nahi aaya toh koi problem nahi hai .. :) kaafi kuch aur hai na samajhne ke liye !