Monday, June 23, 2008


Apartment was discussing with one of my friends about staying in an apartment. We were discussing about the houses people have and the amount of need that is actually there.

I was reminded of this pic taken at a street in Kolkata in May 2008.

We complain about the living room being too small or the bedroom not having the proper lighting or something or the other. The way we see it, every place has something for us to complain about.

Little do we realize that there are millions if not billions, who have not even heard a lot of those terms we talk about. What is a living room? What drawing Room? Study room? What kitchen?


~mE said...

True..i remember my maid struggling to get a house for her budget in bangalore, when she actually found one it was such a small area of place no bigger than the sitout of my house...thats when you start counting your lucky you are to have a shade above your head..

A small prayer for these billion homeless people :^

I am said...


came across your blog through Om's 'Sky diving' marketing blog...was seeing the pictures.. you have shot..

brilliant. artistic. Observant.

but this one stopped me to comment,

REALITY, thats it!

more to catch up on your photography..