Thursday, February 21, 2008

In memory...

Have you...

... of a friend who passed away on Monday.

It was the beauty of life that made us meet...
every smile of yours was a treat..
every guidance you provided..
the comfort of your company..

whether it was any inspiring talk.
or just a casual after dinner walk..
you were there to spend the time..
you were there with your smile so sublime..

its hard to believe you are gone,
leaving behind memories that shone..
the times that were so joyful
the teasing, the pranks, all so playful.

the times in the labs..
the quakes and the night lamps..
the presentations and the arguments
the videos and the judgments.

You are going to be in our memories..
for sure we will remember those stories..

Will miss you forever..
We, will miss you forever....

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