Thursday, November 1, 2007

Reflections on Fall...


Day by day the trees get bare..
...all i can do is sigh and stare...

More than half the leaves are gone..
it seems that mother nature has won..

Wish i could stop the winds..
Wish i could stop the rains..
The sadness that starts that is so unkind..
The agony, lost joy and the pains..

The mercury constantly fails to rise..
wearing an overcoat would be just wise..
The winds brutally hit my face...
i realize the triviality of the human race...

The sun is out and is bright...
i see the spotless sky...
wish there was heat as much there is light..
and i could, just as the birds fly....

Soon all will be black and white...
The days short.. and longer night..
Everyday will be a test for survival..
with the hope of a new revival..

The hope keeps me going..
this will end soon.... spring is coming..
Did you just notice the fall ending?
I thought winter was just starting!

1 comment:

~Happy said...

K...wah aap shayar ban gaye...i somehow got confused in the last is beautiful